Proven Reliable Payment Processing

For more than 12 years, Paynet Secure has provided aggressively competitive rates and wholesale pricing for credit card payment processing to high volume and high risk merchants.

Companies in the US and throughout the world use our services to increase revenues, reduce costs, and maximize profits.  Paynet  Secure caters exclusively to businesses with substantial payment processing volumes.

To apply for a high volume or high risk merchant account, companies must have processing history of at least $100,000 per month.  Most companies process significantly greater volumes.  Once accepted, you can process as much volume as required per month.

Exclusive Banking Network Guarantees Low Rates

You gain access to global network of strong financial institutions that specialize in high volume and high risk merchant accounts.  Application to this exclusive banking network guarantees you low rates for your payment processing.

When an application is received, the banks “bid” on your business.  The competitive environment means banks must offer aggressive pricing in order to acquire your account.

Companies doing business globally can establish multiple accounts with banks located in different parts of the world.  Allowing you to dramatically decrease the cost of cross-border payment processing, reduce currency conversion costs, and speed up settlement times.

Unique Technology Protects Payment Processing

Low rates are only part of your payment processing solution.  The power of the back-end processing technology used by the banking network protect your high volume high risk accounts for the long-term.

All of the banks in the network reside on a single processing platform.  The platform has unique technology which drastically lowers chargeback and fraud at the banking level.

Merchants processing through the banking network experience extraordinary low chargebacks and negligible rates of fraud.  The banks include the technology free with every account, saving you money on processing.  The platform lets the banks confidently process high volume and high risk accounts because both merchants and the banks are well protected.

How Our Solution Compare to Others

Other high risk credit card payment processors use banks that do not know how to control fraud and chargebacks.  These banks rely on each merchant to handle chargebacks and fraud rather than having protection in place at the banking level.  The inadequate way these banks manage the payment processing portfolio puts all merchants processing with the bank in jeopardy.

A single merchant with high chargebacks and fraud skews ratios and capitalization reserve requirements for a bank.   This can cause a bank to quickly purge high volume and high risk merchants from their portfolios.  Good merchants are given the shocking news that a bank will not process for them anymore.

Secure Your Payment Processing Today

How can be sure your processing is safe?   Simply establish your high volume, high risk merchant account with our exclusive banking network.  For long term payment processing security for your business, contact us now.


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