Payment Processing Gateway

A payment processing gateway is ecommerce software which enables merchants to accept payments online. Payment gateways securely connect websites to financial networks through which credit card and other types of electronic payment transactions are sent, received, authorized, and settled.

The electronic payment system gateway is designed for high volume and high risk merchants who demand best-in-class ecommerce software and payment processing services.

Benefits of Payment Processing Gateway

  • PCI-DSS Security Protects Business Operations
  • Secure Vault Safeguards Payment Processing
  • Powerful Anti-Fraud Weapons Defeat Cybercriminals
  • Dynamic Load Balancing for Multiple Payment Processing Accounts
  • Fast Setup Speeds Time to Market
  • Recurring Billing Automates Cash Flow
  • Boost Sales With Multi-Currency Payment Processing

Danger on the Internet

The risk of security breach is a constant concern for ecommerce merchants. If a company’s payment processing system is compromised, customer data is endangered. The company faces financial devastation, loss of consumer trust, and possible legal liability for damages.

Fraudulent transactions are continuous threat for high volume and high risk merchants. In addition to financial loss, fraudulent transactions cause spikes in chargebacks ratios which jeopardize payment processing merchant accounts.

Powerful Payment Processing for Secure Protection

The payment processing gateway is Level 1 PCI-DSS certified and exceeds all standards for cardholder security. Transaction processing software combines PCI compliance security rules with unique features to guarantee protection for businesses and consumers.

Strategic management tools enable high volume and high risk merchants to save legitimate transactions and reject fraudulent ones. Powerful weapons to fight fraud are included in the ecommerce software. Businesses chose the desired level of protection based on a sophisticated rule-based filtering system.

The payment gateway encrypts credit card information to enhance security and protect merchants and their customers. Intelligent payment processing ecommerce software stores encrypted data in a Level 1 Security Protected Vault based on assignment of virtual numbers.

Ecommerce software helps identity fraud, money laundering, compromised passwords, and other unauthorized activities. The transaction processing system detects intrusions, reconstructs events, and enhances employer security and user accountability.

Unique payment processing technology easily manages an unlimited number of merchant accounts through a single payment gateway. Dynamic load balancing increases processing volume, dilutes chargebacks, and mitigates risk.

Proven Reliable Payment Processing

Paynet Secure transaction processing guarantees a strong backbone and solid infrastructure for reliable online payment processing. Advanced ecommerce software easily accommodates high-volume payment processing throughput with 100% completion rates. World-class transaction processing outperforms most financial banking networks.

Our dedicated professional staff provides electronic payment systems to satisfied clients throughout the world. Competitive rates, expert advice and free on-going technical support are the hallmarks of all payment processing services.

International Payments for Merchants

International payments processing boost sales by expanding market reach globally. Consumers located anywhere in the world make online purchases quickly and easily simply by transferring money from the buyer’s local bank account to the seller’s bank account.

Our unique international payments processing system uses advanced technology to link together the banking networks of 192 countries into a single network. The payment platform transforms international transactions into low-cost local bank payments. Processing fees are minimal. Payments are guaranteed, eliminating risk.

Benefits of International Payment Processing

  • Millions of New Customers. Local bank transfers are the preferred method of payment for customers throughout the world.
  • Guaranteed Payments. Once the payment is confirmed, settlement of funds is guaranteed. All payments are “cleared funds.”
  • Save Money on International Payment Processing. Low transaction fees translate into big savings for merchants.
  • Protect Against Fraud. Bank transfers are secure, private and safe. All transactions are vetted by the consumer’s own bank system.
  • No Chargebacks. Bank transfers are similar to a cash purchase. Buyers cannot reverse transactions.

How International Payment Processing Works

International payment processing via bank transfer is known as a “push payment”. That is, consumers push the payment from their bank account to the merchant’s bank account in a highly secure transaction.

At check out, consumers chose to pay via local bank transfer and select the appropriate bank. The consumer logs on to online banking and authorizes the bank to make the payment to the merchant. Confirmation of the payment is sent to the merchant and to the buyer.

In some countries, debits from the consumer accounts are confirmed instantly. In others, confirmation of the debit occurs the next business banking day. Once confirmed, funds are guaranteed and merchants can ship the product to the consumer. Consumers do not pay any additional fees beyond what their bank would normally charge for a standard bill payment.

Credit Cards Limit Sales Growth

Businesses that want to grow target global markets. Europe, with millions of affluent, web-savvy consumers, is one of the largest markets for ecommerce in the world. Emerging markets in Asia, South America and the Middle-East have consumers with disposable incomes and a desire to buy products online.

The majority of consumers globally do not have credit cards. In Europe, with the exception of the UK, credit cards are not commonly used for online purchases. In Germany, only 20% of the population has cards. Throughout Asia and the rest of the world, credit card penetration is even lower.

How do international buyers pay for ecommerce purchases? Local bank transfers are a familiar and trusted method of payment for buyers throughout the world. Offering consumers an alternative payment option is an easy way to capture new sales from buyers who do not have or prefer not to use credit cards.

International Payment Processing Expands Market Reach

International payment processing solutions were developed in direct response to the needs of our clients. As the internet opened-up global markets to ecommerce merchants, clients needed ways to accept payments from customers around the world. Offering consumers a familiar way to pay locally while buying globally is the modern way to do business.

Our technology gives clients direct access to international banking networks through a single portal. Take advantage of international payment processing technology to increase revenues, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost sales from the global marketplace.

Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile payments are extraordinarily effective in rapidly boosting sales of low-cost virtual goods and digital content. Mobile payments are a guaranteed way to quickly expand market reach and satisfy demand from buyers world-wide who want to pay by mobile.

Social networks, online games, MMOG, and merchants selling music, video, e-books, new media, and digital entertainment are taking advantage of the rapid rise in mobile payment transactions to power business growth.

Advantages of Mobile Payments

  • Increase revenues with no expense.
  • Boost sales instantly
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Global network for fast expansion world-wide.
  • Secure and private. No personal information disclosed.
  • Easy to use. No registration required.

How to Increase Sales without Spending Money

Mobile billing is excellent for micro payments of virtual goods and digital content. Millions of consumers world-wide do not have credit cards or bank accounts. Everybody has a mobile phone. Most digital merchants have no payment processing fees on mobile billing transactions because mobile surcharges can be passed on to consumers. For example, if the price point on a product is $1, the merchant receives the entire $1. Consumers are billed in local currency.

Will consumers really absorb the fees for mobile billing? Millions of successful mobile payments have proven the answer is YES. Buyers are perfectly willing to accept mobile surcharges for low-cost digital items in exchange for convenience and instant gratification.

Younger consumers have grown up with mobile phones and expect to be offered a pay-by-mobile phone option. Yet, digital merchants discover buyers of all ages are receptive to mobile payments.

Consumers want mobile payments and the demand is escalating. World-wide, mobile payments will grow to $300 billion by 2013. In some countries, mobile payments already account for 70% of all digital content purchased online.

Credit Cards Payment Processing Expensive and Risky

Merchants who do not have mobile billing are losing sales and adding unnecessary risk to their business operations.

Virtual goods are low-ticket items with price points well below $10. Credit card processing rates for micropayments are expensive and quickly erode profit margins.

Digital merchants are frequent targets for credit card fraud. Cybercriminals cause chargebacks by running small transactions to determine if stolen cards have credit available. Consumers initiate chargebacks claiming digital products were never received. The time and effect required to fight chargebacks far exceeds the cost of the low-ticket virtual goods. Even if the merchant wins, elevated chargeback ratios put credit card payment processing accounts at risk.

Mobile Payment Processing Fast and Easy

One simple plug-in gives merchants the ability to immediately accept payments from any mobile phone throughout an extensive global mobile billing network. Mobile transactions are in local currency. Local language customer support enhances buyer satisfaction.

Award-winning technology powers a comprehensive suite of mobile payment processing solutions. Multiple innovative products meet the mobile payment processing needs of any business.

Electronic Checks Payment Processing

Electronic checks (echecks) capture new sales from buyers that do not have credit cards or simply prefer to pay by check. Electronic checks are a payment method which electronically transfers money from a buyer’s bank account to the seller’s bank account.

Increase Sales with Electronic Checks

Adding electronic checks as an ecommerce payment option is simple way to make more sales. The more ways a customer has to pay, the more sales will result. Merchants adding electronic checks as a payment option experience sales lifts of 8-20%.

Over 75 million Americans do not have credit cards. Electronic checks give these customers a convenient, familiar and easy method to make purchases online.

Benefits of Electronic Checks

    • Increase Sales: Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment option for internet merchants.
    • Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment: If a credit card is rejected, offer electronic check as a payment option. Echecks rescue sales that otherwise would be lost.
    • Reduce Payment Processing Expense: Save money when customers pay by electronic checks rather than credit cards. Electronic check transaction fees are amazingly low.
    • Increase Cash Flow: Electronic check processing ensures that payments are fulfilled. Automatic debits to the customer’s account take away payment-delaying tactics and eliminate the wait for a check to arrive by mail.
    • Boost Revenues: Electronic check acceptance broadens market reach.. By increasing customer payment options with electronic checks, merchants generate more sales, increase revenues, and realize higher profits.
    • Satisfy Consumer Demand: Consumers expect to have multiple forms of payments offered at check out. If a consumer wants to pay by electronic check, savvy merchants will accommodate the buyer and close the sale.
    • Lower Administrative Costs: Electronic checks processing virtually eliminates preparing and mailing customer invoices. Echecks reduce administrative expenses and are good for the environment.

Best Processing at the Lowest Rates

Electronic checks are a valuable payment option for any internet merchant. Our professional payment processing consultants have assisted merchants in every business category successfully establish electronic check processing accounts.

Expert knowledge and a dedication to success guarantee a positive experience for every client. Low rates and superior service are a standard feature of all electronic check accounts.

Stop Losing Sales

The goal of every merchant is to convert prospects to customers. Business owners devote a great deal of time and effort deciding what to sell and how to sell it.

Websites are carefully designed and promoted to maximize the number of visitors to the site. Once at the site, prospects are led through the selection and purchase process.

For merchants, a happy moment arrives when the prospect decides to become a customer. The desired items are placed in the shopping cart. The customer is ready to pay and payment options are displayed.

What happens if the buyer is offered only credit cards as a payment option? What if the buyer does not have a credit card? Or if the buyer just prefers to pay by check?

Sadly, without echecks, the sale is lost. The buyer is unlikely to return to the site in the future. Buyers have infinite places to shop online, including many that offer electronic checks as a payment option. The effort expended to gain a new customer is wasted.

Stop throwing away sales. Start accepting electronic checks today.

Identity Verification

Identity verification systems are a fast and inexpensive way for businesses to determine if consumers are who they represent themselves to be. Identity verification systems are used by internet retailers selling high ticket items to protect against loss from fraudulent transactions. Merchants selling age restricted products use identity verification systems to confirm buyers are of legal age.

Cybercriminals Target Internet Merchants

Merchants in high risk industries are frequently targeted by cybercriminals. High ticket items such as jewelry or electronics are alluring to fraudsters who use stolen credit cards to purchase goods. By the time a fraudulent transaction is discovered, the goods are long gone, shipped out of the country and unrecoverable.

Merchants are held liable for fraud by the credit card companies. It does not matter that merchants themselves are the victims of a crime. Merchants must absorb the financial loss of the fraudulent transaction.

Furthermore, fraudulent transactions are considered chargebacks on the merchant’s credit card processing statements. Chargebacks must be kept low in order to maintain credit card processing privileges. Fraudulent transactions increase chargeback ratios and can jeopardize credit card merchant accounts.

Identity Verification Systems Protect Your Business

Identity verifications systems are non-invasive and easy to use. For an amazingly low rate per transaction, businesses increase the likelihood that online transactions are legitimate and profits from purchases will be realized.

Any ecommerce business with average tickets of $500 or more will benefit from using identity verification to confirm the buyer is really who he says he is. Properly deployed, identity verification systems dramatically reduce the risk associated with doing business online.

Merchants selling goods or services where buyers must be of a certain age to purchase implement ID verification systems to comply with regulatory requirements. Money transfer services, brokerage houses, banks, and international corporations use identity verification systems to guard against money-laundering, fraud and threats from terrorism.

Identity verification systems combine a wealth of individual and business data into an easy-to-use interface. Databases are accessed with sophisticated programming technology yielding precise identity verification. Highly accurate analytics and detailed reporting produce robust results and ensures the safety of your business operations.

Identity Verification Quickly and Accurately

  • Over 400 data sources deliver your results in a customized format.
  • Interactive historical questionnaire. Multiple-choice questions can be presented. Only the true identity holder will be able to answer correctly.
  • Screened against Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) list.
  • Compliant with the USA Patriot Act – “Know your Customer”.
  • Turn-key seamless integration tool protects you and your clients.
  • Improves efficiencies by auto-populating exiting application process.
  • Standardizes full name, city, state, zip, and driver’s license address as they appear in DMV database.
  • Verifies and presents age and date of birth.
  • Verifies driver’s license is valid for state issued.
  • Verifies address type- residential, multi-use, etc. as well as address and driver’s license match.
  • Checks for high risk status of address and phone.
  • Verifies phone, name, and address match.
  • Verifies Social Security number and name match as well as status- valid, deceased, etc.

The Right Source for Your Identity Verification System

Merchants are happily surprised to discover that our identity verification system offers more protection at a lower price than comparable product.

Businesses save 50% on powerful identity verification that other companies sell for twice the price. Special all-inclusive package includes complete identity verification and knowledge based authentication for total protection.

Chargeback Protection

With chargeback protection, merchants can accept orders without fear of fraud or the risk of financial loss due to chargebacks. Chargeback protection does not stop chargebacks. However, merchants using chargeback prevention are secure in knowing losses from chargebacks will not affect the bottom line.

Benefits to Travel Merchants

  • Accept more orders and increase revenues
  • Eliminate worries about financial loss due to chargebacks
  • Expand international sales
  • Streamline business operations and maximize productivity
  • Decrease manual order reviews
  • Eliminate delayed processing times

Stop Worrying and Start Boosting Sales

Merchants can use chargeback protection on all sales or only on selected orders. Some merchants want protection on every transaction. Others use it only for orders that otherwise would be rejected or held for manual review. The vast majority of orders submitted for chargeback protection authorization are approved.

Merchants are reimbursed at 100% of the sales price for any approved transaction on which a chargeback occurs. Bank fees incurred from the chargeback are also 100% reimbursed.

Transaction approvals are received in 2-3 seconds so there is no slowdown at checkout. Customers never know that chargeback protection associated with the order. Merchants can use existing merchant accounts and payment processing gateways without any changes necessary.

Fears of Chargebacks Cost Merchants Money

Internet merchants are frequent targets for fraudulent transactions. Yet, in an effort to avoid fraud, companies lose money from good sales because they try so hard to avoid bad ones.

How many good orders are wasted simply because billing addresses do not match shipping addresses? With so many people buying gifts online, it is common for billing and shipping addresses not to match.

Should a merchant throw away an order if address verification does not match? People move all the time without telling credit card companies about the change of address.

International buyers represent a big opportunity for Travel merchants. How much time and effort is involved to manually confirm questionable orders with customers located in different time zones and who speak different languages?

Chargeback Protection the Easy Way

Discover how easy it is to protect your business against losses from chargebacks. Any Travel merchant processing $50,000 or more per month is welcome to contact us for free no-obligation quotation. Setup is fast and simple with no changes to existing payment processing systems.

Recurring Billing

Recurring billing increases cash flow and decreases operating expenses by automating payment processing for recurring payments. Automation of recurring payments boosts productivity, improves internal accounting systems, and enhances customer retention life cycles.

How to Maximize Revenues from Recurring Billing

Most payment processors offer basic recurring billing functions such as unlimited recurring billing profiles and flexible recurring billing terms. But, basic features are not enough to maximize revenues from recurring payments.

For instance, the ability to handle recurring billing exceptions for card declines, card expiration dates, and lack of available funds on cards is vitally important to protect recurring payments revenue. And, you should expect your recurring billing payment processor to give you new ways to increase customer retention, safeguard business operations, and positively impact your profit margins.

5 Valuable Services for Recurring Payments

If you are serious about protecting your recurring payments revenues and maintaining your profit margins, start taking advantage of these special recurring billing benefits today.

  • Protect Cash Flow. Stop revenue leakage from declined cards. During each recurring billing cycle, 5-12% of cards on file are declined, representing a big potential dip in monthly revenues. Payment processing technology stops cash flow leakage by updating card information with the issuing bank and automatically resubmitting the declined recurring billing transaction. As a result, 50-75% of declined card transactions are transformed into approved recurring payments.
  • Get More Money. Cards submitted for recurring payments may not have enough available funds to cover the recurring billing transaction. The payment processing system electronically tracks the card until funds are available. Then, the recurring billing transaction is resubmitted and the monies due for recurring payments are authorized for payment to you.
  • Retain Customers. Descriptors are what customers view on monthly card statements as the description of the purchase. The payment processing system enables each product or recurring plan to have its own descriptor, including a separate customer service number. By displaying a specific product descriptor, customers immediately know what was purchased when the recurring billing appears on their card statement. Chargebacks are avoided, customer service calls are reduced, and customer retention is increased.
  • Safeguard Business Operations. Shift liability for security breaches away from your business. Tokens are used for recurring billing transactions in lieu of card data. No card information is stored on your internal systems. Keeps you compliant with PCI regulations for payment processing and mitigates risk.
  • Reduce Payment processing Costs Reduce operating expense by connecting directly with the front/back end payment processor rather than using a payment processing gateway. Direct connection gets rid of extra transaction fees charged by payment processing gateways which drive up costs unnecessarily. Direct payment processing connections can also reduce interchange costs resulting in substantial savings on payment processing discount rates.


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